Jul 14 2017

Basic Decorating Tips for Homes

by Back on the Racks in General

decorating tipsDecorating a home is a great way to express yourself and to make a space uniquely yours. However, for many people, decorating is also a stressful time, particularly if they don’t feel particularly creative or have that “eye” for design.

Decorating a home doesn’t have to be challenging, there are some easy to use strategies that can allow anyone to decorate like a pro. The key is to know what you want to accomplish rather than constantly changing the décor style, colors and the focus areas of the room as you add items.

Getting Started

There are two different options to get started with any decorating project. Both ways will start by breaking the house into areas that are to be decorated in similar colors and styles. While you may want each room slightly different, many homes have more of an open design so it may be important to group rooms together to create a harmony between a kitchen and open living room or a living room and dining room area.

Option 1: Clean Slate

To get a clean start or to give a home a complete makeover, starting with a clean slate and adding furniture, art, carpeting and window treatments gives you unlimited possibilities.

A great place to find inspiration and ideas is to browse online. If you know you want a specific style or décor such as French Provincial, Mediterranean, modern or rustic, use those terms in the search bar along with “decorating ideas.”

Along with looking at colors and options for carpet and window treatments, also note any specific furniture items you like. Keep website bookmarked for easy reference when shopping in consignment stores to find a great piece that fits the look and style of the theme.

Option 2: Focal Piece

In many cases, you may already have a focal piece for the room. This will typically be a larger piece of furniture or perhaps a favorite piece of art or a beautiful rug. While you can refinish furniture and upholstery to match your colors, with art pieces the colors become your palate.

You can choose to create a room around these focal pieces using neutral colors on the walls, windows and flooring. Highlight and bring in pops of color using accent pieces that include the same colors as the focal piece.

Color and Texture

Colors that are bright and airy looking will make a room look larger and open while darker colors create more of a secluded, smaller space. By breaking up darker and more intense colors with neutrals, natural wood pieces or bright art, you can avoid the room becoming too intense.

Another option that is very popular is to use a monochromatic approach. For example, using all white in a room with accents of chrome or natural wood coffee and end tables paired with some of your favorite art and pops of color on pillows, windows and flooring.

Adding Furniture and Art

One of the big mistakes in decorating is to add too much of a good thing. Avoid creating clutter in your decorating and choose items that you enjoy. Eclectic types of arrangements pairing different styles and types of furniture can work as long as there is something that ties them together.

Art, like furniture, needs to be selected for the room. One of the biggest trends today in grouping pieces of art into collections, which is an amazing look on any wall. Choose pictures that have the same theme, colors or style for an eye-catching design that will be uniquely your own.

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