Apr 27 2017

Save Money on Special Events with Consignment Clothing Finds

by Back on the Racks in General

consignment clothingYour special find might be almost brand new!

Special occasions are always a time to do something extra for yourself, and that usually includes buying a new outfit that is just perfect for the event. However, shopping for designer clothing can be very expensive, with even online shopping pushing the limits of anyone’s budget.

For smart shoppers, using local consignment shops that cater to high quality, like-new clothing is the ideal alternative. At these stores, you will find clothing at up to 50% or more off even the best prices you will find online. However, it isn’t just the prices that are the reason people buy at these stores; there are other factors to consider as well.

The Try-On Before Buying Factor

Anyone who has purchased clothing online knows the excitement of waiting for the package to arrive and to try on that stunning new suit, dress or blouse you have carefully selected. Too often these designer clothes don’t fit the same as your casual clothing purchases, which leaves you with the issue of either wearing poorly fitted clothing or making a return.

Most online stores will require the buyer pay for return shipping, and some even charge a restocking fee. There is also the delay in receiving a refund, which can impact your ability to get the right outfit.

By shopping at a consignment store, you can try on the outfit with the shoes and accessories you plan to wear. This ensures when you leave the store you have the fit, the color and the look you want.

Like-New Clothing

If you have never been to a consignment store catering to upscale and designer clothing, you may not be aware of the types of clothing you will find. It is not uncommon to find designer clothing items that may be worn once or twice or those that are brand new.

Often people in the fashion industry or those that have lifestyles where they have very public lives only wear clothing items a few times before they are sent to consignment. These clothing items may be very new design styles, allowing you to wear an outfit to your special event that is right off of the runway from Fashion Week.

One of a Kind

The last thing you want at a special event is to wind up wearing the same outfit as another guest. By purchasing clothing out of a traditional retail store, even a high-end store, the chances of this happening are fairly high, particularly with the trendiest styles.

By choosing consignment clothing that is unique and different from what is on the racks in the stores, you can create your own look and style. Not only will this provide you with a one-of-a-kind look, but you will save money while enjoying your personal and original style.


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