Aug 23 2017

Stretching Your Budget: Consignment Shopping for Back to School!

by Back on the Racks in General

Consignment shopping for back to school made easy!consignment shopping for back to school

Looking stylish and wearing the latest in fashions can be a real challenge, particularly for students off to high school and college. Finding a way to have beautiful clothing to start the school year off is important, and the good news is that by consignment store shopping you can accomplish your goals with money left over.

Choosing the Consignment Shop

Of course, there are a few things that anyone will need to keep in mind. Not all consignment shops will have the same quality of clothing, so plan to visit a few and get an idea of the types of consignment items on the racks.

Quality consignment shops will typically have a good range of vintage, classic as well as very trendy clothing options. This is really an ideal mix as it allows for each individual to find his or her particular style.

Look for consignment shops with quality merchandise. These are not the same as used clothing stores; rather a quality consignment shop only offers space in their store for designer and brand name clothing that is in like-new condition.

Top stores will offer everything for both men and women. This includes clothing items, shoes, handbags, jewelry and, in some stores, even household items, which can be a great deal for college kids starting out on their own. Don’t be surprised to find designer labels such as Kate Spade, Michael Kors and Antonio Berardi as well as brands such as Anthropologie, Free People and J. Crew.

Create A Look

Always look for a consignment shop with a good selection of sizes, brands and styles. The greater the selection, the more choices you will have as well as the greater the ability to find a color and style that works for the look you want to create.

The advantage of a top consignment shop is that it will be just like a clothing store, only the prices will be deeply discounted. This can allow anyone looking for amazing fashion finds on a budget to have the freedom to create their own look and style without having to spend a fortune. It also means that if you want to change your look and style you can recycle the clothing back to the consignment store, giving you the maximum style potential throughout the year.

Develop a Wardrobe

Another advantage to shopping at a well-stocked consignment store is the ability to put together a wardrobe. This is very different than buying one item at one store and then trying to match it later at other stores. By shopping in one location, you can try out a combination of fabrics, prints, colors and designs, getting a feel for developing a full wardrobe that allows you to mix and match throughout the year.

Not only will this save you money with your initial purchase, but it also provides a greater variety of different outfits to coordinate throughout the year, helping you to save money and valuable closet space.

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