Apr 11 2017

Creating a Day to Night Fashion Without a Complete Wardrobe Change

by Back on the Racks in General

As a career woman, finding a way to stretch your wardrobe without having to carry around a change of clothes to go from a day to work to a relaxing drink after work, a dinner date or even a night on the town can be a real challenge.

It is difficult to find something that gives you the right combination of a professional look for the day while also giving a comfortable, relaxed and stylish look for after work events. After all, you don’t want to look to informal or dressy for work, but you also don’t want to look stiff and professional for an evening out.

The good news is that there are some simple wardrobe options to help you to create a professional look for the day and a fun, sexy or sophisticated look for the evening, all with the same basics.

Start with Basics

Choosing a day to evening look starts with selecting the basics to the wardrobe. This could be a simple dress or perhaps a blouse and skirt or shirt and pant combination. Day to Night Fashion

For a sleeveless or summer dress, it is easy to wear a thin sweater or a blazer for work, giving it a more formal and business-like appearance. If you are wearing a floral or a bold pattern, use a simple black, navy or white blazer or sweater to tone it down for the day. Taking off the jacket or sweater for evening wear gives you a much more casual and sexy style.

Flats, leggings and tunic dress are a great combination for day and night. Just bring a pair of nylons and some heels, changing from leggings and a tunic to a tunic dress for a professional or more fun evening look.

Shoes and Purse

You will be surprised how changing your shoes and bag makes a difference to your look. Most women carry a big purse with them to work, but this can look clunky and out of balance in the evening. To get around this choose a clutch or phone case with credit card and cash capacity for your evening look. Just slide it into your bag and transfer essentials for a night on the town.

If you tend to wear flats at work, or perhaps a sensible pair of pumps, bring along some heels for the evening. Simply changing your shoes can give you a whole different look and feel. If you are wearing pants, make sure they are a style that pairs well with both flats and heels.


Accessories are light and easy to carry and can really change your look. For daytime wear, choose smaller earrings and perhaps choose one or two bracelets and necklaces to keep it professional but not boring. If you are pairing a dress or blouse with a blazer, add a printed scarf and forget about the jewelry if you want to stay more subtle.

For evening, change into larger hoop or chandelier styles of earrings with more dazzle and sparkle. Layer on additional necklaces and choose stackable bangle bracelets that add movement and glamor either over long sleeves or to accent the arms with short sleeved tops or dresses.

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