Sep 15 2017

Debunking Common Fashion Myths

by Back on the Racks in General

Fashion Myths Debunked For Youdebunking-common-fashion-myths

Most people have grown up hearing all types of information, or more accurately all types of misinformation, about different styles and fashions. Over time, these unwritten fashion rules have become a guide for many women, but they are actually limiting your fashion choices and are perhaps giving you away as a bit outdated on your fashion sense.

To help to avoid holding to these old and outdated fashion myths, here the most common fashion myths debunked.

Myth: You can’t wear white after Labor Day

In the not too distant past, there was a standard fashion rule that white should never be worn after Labor Day. However, this was largely a northern state rule in the US and largely had to do with the “summer season” where the rich would leave the cities for their summer residences and homes.

Additionally, as the white fabric was often natural cotton, it was a cooler option at the turn of the century, so it made sense to use white as the designated summer color. This is no longer the case, and white is used all year round and with all types of fabrics.

Myth: Blue and green (or black and navy) can’t be worn together

Some girls were taught the old “blue and green should never be seen except for in the washing machine” rhyme, and the same was also said for black and navy. Again, this is often attributed to the rather limited choice of shades and tones of these colors in the past, resulting in a limited contrast. With the amazing colors and shades today, feel free to wear them together with style.

Myth: Small sizes mean small prints and larger sizes need large prints

Prints, stripes, plaids and patterns all have their place in everyone’s wardrobe. A better guideline for today is that if makes you feel good and you enjoy wearing it, add it to your wardrobe.

Myth: You need a focus piece in your outfit

Having a focus piece isn’t bad if you want to make a statement, but it isn’t necessary to create a beautifully put together style. This is a similar myth to the issue that your handbag has to match your shoes or your lipstick has to match the shade of your outfit.

Myth: You should never buy trendy items

Buying trendy items is often seen as a waste of money, but that is not the case if you are a smart shopper. There is nothing wrong with a trendy addition, just remember it isn’t a classic so consider consignment shopping to avoid going over on your seasonal clothing budget.

Myth: Evening wear means high heels

Many women don’t enjoy wearing high heels for any event. In the past, high heels were seen as the must wear shoe for evenings out and formal occasions, but that is no longer the case. Flats, ballet shoes and lower heels are just as fashionable.

Most of the old rules of fashion are really outdated ideas about being in fashion. Today’s fashion is more about expressing yourself, being comfortable and feeling good about how you look and what you wear.

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