Mar 28 2017

6 Tips to Freshen Up Your Wardrobe

by Back on the Racks in General

Freshen Up Your Wardrobe Without Breaking Your Budget

Freshen Up Your WardrobeStaying in fashion doesn’t have to mean getting rid of the favorite items in your wardrobe. In fact, it is possible to use your favorite clothing items with some new designs to create a custom look that is just perfect for your taste and style.

To help do all of this on a budget, here are some tips, techniques, and secrets to always having the right look without breaking your budget:

  • Shop consignment stores – you may be surprised how often very trendy and extremely “hot” clothing ends up in consignment stores. Often purchases are made, particularly with online shopping, and the clothing may simply not suit the buyer. Rather than send it back, it is easier to sell it through an upscale consignment store.
  • Pairing old and new – choosing one classic piece that is fashionable and trendy and pairing it with your wardrobe favorites can give you a whole new look and feel. For example, you could wear your favorite blouse and jeans and add a new duster or jacket. Perhaps you could pair a bohemian style dress with a favorite jean jacket for a trendy yet casual look that is right in style.
  • Check your accessories – Changing your shoes, handbag and jewelry will draw attention to different elements in your wardrobe. If you normally carry a clutch, try a larger hobo bag or perhaps a structured satchel style. Changing shoes from flats to heels can also freshen up your wardrobe items to look different.
  • Try layering – layering is a great way to extend your wardrobe. With different layers of colors, patterns and fabrics you can create your own style that will mimic the latest in designs seen at Fashion Week. Layers are an excellent way to add versatility as you can bring specific colors and patterns to the forefront of the design to suit your moods and the look you want to achieve.
  • Invest in great base pieces – look for a few additions to your wardrobe that will work well with what you already have. Choose colors that are easy to work with and coordinate with your current wardrobe. However, don’t be too conservative as bold combinations of colors are always in style.
  • Scarves and hats –if you don’t have scarves or hats in your wardrobe you are missing out on opportunities. A beautiful scarf can add dazzle, color and pattern to a plain shirt, sweater or jacket. The same is true for hats.  Once you get started adding them to your wardrobe, you will find they are a perfect match for so many different looks and occasions.

It doesn’t have to cost a fortune to stay in fashion. When you see a look you like going home and recreate it with what you have, putting your own twist on fashion to be right in style and on your budget.

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