Oct 17 2017

Get Inspired From The Past

by Back on the Racks in General

Work These Retro Style Tips Into Your Wardrobe!

retro style tips

One of the great things about fashion is that it is constantly evolving, but it is also constantly taking inspiration from the past. In other words, all fashion today has its roots in something that has already been in style. This idea allows anyone to draw inspiration from the past to create modern, unique and personalized looks for today.

While it is possible to go to a designer collection and find looks and styles that have defined elements of retro, vintage or even antique styles, it is also possible to do the same by shopping at consignment and resale shops. Look for high-end shops with a good range of designers and vintage clothing options and then start to mix and match to find your ideal look.

Getting Started

The first thing to remember that you can use a template of a current designer you like to create your own version of his or her combinations of retro or vintage clothing. When using this option, try not to copy the look but rather to create a design of your own based on the concept.

This will avoid the common trap of ending up looking as if you are dressing for a 1950s themed party or another type of costume event. By pairing a retro or even an antique blouse with a modern short skirt or even a pair of skinny jeans you have a unique combination.

Consider starting with one component of the outfit as a vintage or retro look. Then, look for modern styles and designs that match with the style. Once you are comfortable, you will find it is easy to mix and match different vintage and modern components and accessories.

Consider the Details

A lot of the detail in the styles of the past is what makes them so iconic. Looking for modern designers and styles that incorporate those elements is a great way to take the aspects of the clothing you like but also have a bold, modern look.

For example, elaborate small buttons, interesting necklines, fitted bodices, full skirts or even the very sleek pencil skirts were all styles that identified specific designs and fashion trends from the past.

Consider looking for styles that offer the details of the era you like, but also choose modern colors, patterns and fabric for a unique take on a retro look. One big change in the fashion industry is the variety of fabrics, prints and colors that are used for all types of clothing items. By incorporating these modern pops of colors with the retro styles you have a completely new look. A classic 1950s dress with a modern, brightly printed sweater or jacket gives a whole new look to both wardrobe items.

Finally, don’t forget about the accessories. Shoes, purses, jewelry and even the choice of wearing a hat or scarf can add to the look of a retro style in a way that is completely your own.

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