Jun 20 2017

Must Have’s – Summer Clothing Wish List

by Back on the Racks in General

Summer Clothing Wish ListHaving the right summer clothes makes the long, hot days of the season a lot more fun. After all, the summer tends to be a time of social events, fun activities and lots of things to see and do.

If you are on a budget, you don’t have to go without these summer essentials. Look around in consignment shops; you will be amazed at the selection of top quality, new and like-new clothing that is available at just a fraction of the retail price.

There are several different pieces you will need to create a summer clothing wish list. To get started, here are the basics every woman should have:

  • A summer purse – get rid of the big hobo bag and the leather briefcase purse you use over the winter. Take on something fun. A great idea is a vintage purse, a cross-body type of messenger bag or a small bucket bag. Remember, go small and bright and not big and dark for the summer.
  • The classic T-shirt dress – this can be in any color you like including white, gray, pink, blue, yellow, red or orange. Stay away from black as that isn’t a good summer color. This is a perfect match with flip-flops during the day or high heels in the night, just change your accessories and you have a great anytime look.
  • Breezy skirt – look for a higher waisted, full skirt at any length. Ideally, try to consider just above the knee to the upper part of the calf. Consider a neutral or bright color or even a bold pattern or stripe. This can be paired with a t-shirt, crop top or even a halter.
  • Summer pants – summer is a time for lightweight fabrics and loose, comfortable looks. Whether you select more of a cargo pant style, harem pants or capris, keep it loose and breezy and avoid tight and form-fitting fabrics.
  • A sexy hat – there is something mysterious about a woman in a hat, and every woman can find a hat that makes her feel that sense of intrigue. Whether you like a ball cap or a floppy sun hat, make it something that you feel great in and that also protects the sensitive skin on your face.
  • Sandals – summer is the time to get rid of heels and go for a more comfortable, island look. A cute pair of sandals can dress up a t-shirt dress or go perfectly with a skirt or a pair of pants.
  • T-shirts – various styles of t-shirts from V-neck to crew cut and even scoop neck are a must have item. These can be in solids or patterns to suit your mood.

Finally, make sure you add some summer fun jewelry. Think lightweight bangles, necklaces, beads and leather jewelry mixed and worn together for a relaxed, summery look.


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