Sep 06 2017

Summer Fashion Stretch

by Back on the Racks in General

Stretching Your Summer Fashion into Fall

The transition between summer and fall can be particularly challenging to your wardrobe. There are often days that are hot as a summer day, while there can be days that are cooler with the definite hint of winter just around the corner. Here’s how you can stretch your summer fashion into fall.

To make it even more challenging, often the weather shifts dramatically during the day so it may be a cool morning that is followed by a blistering hot afternoon. Finding ways to manage these temperature and seasonal changes without having to purchase a whole new wardrobe can be difficult, but not if you follow these easy tips.

Wear Layers

One of the easiest ways to accommodate the colder mornings and evenings and hotter days is to dress in layers. Think of the outfit you want to wear in the heat of the day and use that as the foundation.

You can also make great combinations such as a vibrant tank top paired with a big white shirt that can be worn closed or open. Add to this a lightweight jacket and a scarf and you can be dressed for any weather.

Choose Colors Carefully

While you can wear any color you like, look for the vibrant, bold and darker colors in your summer wardrobe to pair with heavier fabrics in pants or shirts. The very pale pastels and light colors that are perfect for that tropical paradise look in the summer should only be used sparingly to avoid looking out of balance with the colder weather. Consider the solid colors of browns, tans, mustards, rusts and black as a way to move into the season.

Ramping Up the Shoe Selection

It is likely too hot to consider boots, but the strappy sandals of the summer are not going to work with the cooler weather. Consider one or two shoe styles that may have an open toe but are also a more substantial leather or suede shoe to get you through the mid-season.

Remember, flats are also a great option for this time of year. They are comfortable and, with all the different colors and styles, they can work with any type of clothing from jeans to dresses.

Vests and Scarves

One way to give a warm, early fall look to your wardrobe is to add a few vests. These can be worn over a long sleeve or three-quarter sleeve length shirts and even t-shirts for a great style for casual wear.

Adding a few scarves from bold prints to the Bohemian look and wearing them loosely wrapped around the neck gives that cozy look without the heaviness of a typical winter scarf.


Leggings are one of the most versatile fashion choices for this time of year. They can be worn under tunic style dresses, paired with big shirts or even matched with longer blazers and dusters for a great early fall look.

Some of your summer dresses can also be paired with black leggings. This is a great time of year to bring out the more substantial prints such as the animal prints or the big, bold geometric shapes to bring on the dazzle.

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