Mar 14 2017

Transitioning From Winter To Spring Styles

by Back on the Racks in General

As the end of winter is fast approaching and spring is just around the corner, dressing for the weather in New Jersey and this general area of the country becomes a very real challenge. Spring Styles

Some days you will need to have your winter wardrobe, even in the spring, and other days it seems like you can finally bring out your summer clothing and put all those coats and sweaters away. Spring Styles

Transitioning between winter and spring doesn’t have to be difficult if you keep a few things in mind. It also doesn’t include having to bring a complete wardrobe change with you; it just means being smart about how you plan what you are going to wear.

Think Bright and Colorful

Winter tends to be a season of solid, dark colors with heavy, thicker jewelry. In the transition between winter and spring adding some bright, cheery colors including yellows, bright oranges, light greens and blues takes your wardrobe from winter drab to spring cheer. It is still possible to pair dark colored trousers, skirts and blouses or sweaters with the bright colors on colder days, or on warmer days go with the lighter and brighter fabrics.

You may also want to change your jewelry selection as well. Move from the heavier items that pair with winter clothing to the airier and lighter looking summer jewelry favorites.

Layers are a Must

One way to be prepared for any weather is to dress in layers rather simply having the big winter coat and heavy sweaters, jackets and other clothing choices. Look for a short-waisted jacket and pair this with a light sweater and a short sleeved shirt. This will give you lots of warmth in the morning and evening with still leaving you with options to remove layers as the day heats up.

Add Patterns and Prints

Light and fanciful patterns and prints are a great addition to any winter to spring transition wardrobe. Like colors and bright choices, patterns and prints that have a spring feel to them are a great option.

If you like florals, now is the time to add them to your wardrobe. Avoid the dark, heavy colors and opt for the more pastel and softer colors. Of course, it is also a fun option to combine patterns, prints and florals with other prints and patterns, just don’t overdo the effect.

For those who don’t like floral patterns, choose geometric shapes or more of an irregular print that adds color and fun to your selection. Just keep everything light and avoid colors that are dark or heavy looking regardless of the patterns you prefer.

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