Aug 07 2017

Tips for Saving Money on Wedding Guest Outfits

by Back on the Racks in General

Wedding Outfit

Wow Them With Your Wedding Outfit

Dressing for a wedding can be a problem for any budget, particularly if you are invited to a lot of different weddings over the year. The summer months can be particularly challenging as you may be asked to attend formal and casual weddings and those that are held indoors as well as outside.

If you find you are on everyone’s list of wedding guests, there is one simple way to have a new, amazing look for every wedding without breaking your wardrobe budget. Shopping at top consignment shops will provide you with just the look you need for every wedding type and theme.

Vintage Styles

One of the great looks for weddings, both indoors and out, is a vintage style of dress. Vintage isn’t a specific type, but rather an overall style that represented dresses from previous eras.

Most people consider vintage to be, dresses that have a distinctive style. Floral patterns, fitted bodices and knee length, fuller skirts are typically considered to be vintage. However, there are a lot of modern designers that use vintage dresses and styles as inspiration so that you can find a great combination of old and new in many of these styles.

These new styles based on the classic looks are sometimes called retro styles. They are fun for weddings, particularly if the wedding is more of a formal event. Dresses can be paired with gloves, hats and the more traditional clutches or small handbags for a terrific look.

Classic Looks

Classic styles are not the same as vintage, although some vintage styles are considered to be classic. Think of classic as timeless, a style you can wear today and wear 10 years from now and still be right in vogue.

For wedding guests, classic types of dresses can include a simple sheath style of dress, a draped or wrapped dress as well as cocktail styles of dress with short or long sleeves.

Typically, these dresses are shorter in length, to the knee or above, but here are also some longer dresses that can be very suitable for a more formal wedding. Classic designs tend to be streamlined and sleek without any details or design elements that can quickly go out of style.

Trendy Outfits

While you may not want to buy a trendy style brand new in a designer line, by shopping at a consignment store you can have the latest in fashion at a very small price. This is a great idea if you want to have a trendy look but don’t want to pay a fortune for a dress you may only be able to wear this season.

By shopping at a top consignment shop, you will find not only the latest in designer dresses but also the latest in top brands. This will allow you to indulge your inner fashionista, enjoying a beautiful dress to have just the look you want for any wedding throughout the year.

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