May 24 2017

Essential Items For Every Woman’s Closet

by Back on the Racks in General

Complete Wardrobe For All Occasions

Woman's ClosetToo often women assume that a large closet full to the brim with dozens of options in blazers, shirts, dresses, pants, skirts and shoes is the only way to truly stay in style.

This is a myth that is a great selling point for the fashion industry, driving continual sales of the latest in “trendy” or hot fashion styles. The reality is that with just a few essential classic pieces you can have a complete wardrobe with something to wear no matter what the occasion.

To help you to create an essential wardrobe, here are some key pieces. Remember, these items can be purchased at consignment shops in like-new condition, allowing you to get all of the pieces in a short period of time even if you are on a budget.

  • Little black dress – while this has become a cliché, it really is a critical wardrobe item. It can be combined with a beautiful shawl/scarf for evening wear or with a blazer for an important business event. Choose a style that is flexible, not too much of an evening look and not too casual for maximum flexibility.


  • White Oxford shirt – the Oxford shirt, or the button-down shirt, is a central option for business, casual and day wear. It can be worn with a blazer or a sweater, brightened up with a colorful patterned scarf or become more casual when paired with a jean jacket.


  • White t-shirt – a white or neutral colored t-shirt is the central component in a layered look. It can be dressed up or down, so choose a good quality shirt that makes you feel great when you wear it. You can opt for a classic t-shirt round neck or go for a V-neck for a different look.


  • Classic blazer – this can be a single or double breasted blazer, but make it classic in style. Consider a more fitted look rather than the boxy blazer styles that are not always in fashion. Black, gray or navy are good choices and can work with a range of different colors.


  • Skirt – look for a skirt that is slightly fitted and falls at about the knee. This will make it a good match for flats, boots or heels. Black, navy or gray are the most versatile colors to start with.


  • Black pants – avoid the really trendy styles of the very wide leg or the “skinny” pants, instead go for a classic trouser cut that will work with flats, heels or your favorite boots.


  • Scarf – a scarf, shawl, wrap or pashmina of a bold color that will match with your style. It can be a solid neutral color or a bright, bold color or even a patterned or embroidered option. These are very versatile for daywear or evening wear as they can be wrapped around the neck or draped over the shoulders or a more exotic look.


  • Shoes – have a pair of flats, pumps, dressy boots and tennis shoes. These can be combined with your pants, skirts, dresses and jeans to create endless combinations.


  • Purses – have one clutch and one handbag style. These are a great find in a consignment shop, and you can choose from different designers at a fraction of the cost of brand new.


  • Jeans – a pair of jeans that makes you feel wonderful is a must with any wardrobe. These can be dressed up or down and combined with a variety of jackets and skirts for any style.

With these basics, you can add a variety of other items. Look for unique patterns and solids that will add a dash of color to your staple wardrobe and don’t forget to pick up some signature jewelry as you find pieces you like.

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