What are your store hours?

Monday-Saturday: 10am-6pm
Sunday: 12pm-5pm

What’s your return policy?

All purchases are final sale. We like to make consignors money available to them immediately, which means that once an item is paid for, the money is already in one of our consignors accounts! For that reason, items cannot be returned or exchanged.

When do you take in consignment? 

We take in consignment 7 days a week, and preferably before 5:00 PM to give our staff enough time to go through your items. If you can’t make it before 5:00, no worries!  

How do I know my items are on the floor?

Each consignor is given their very own account number. When our staff tickets and tags your item, each and every item will have a tag with your own unique account number on it. This is how we keep your consigned items attached to your name, and how the computer recognizes an item is yours once sold. 

How long should I wait to check my account?

You can check your account any time! We recommend waiting at least 2 weeks after dropping off to give your items time to sell. However, you are more than welcome to call at any time to check if items have sold. 

How many items can I drop off?

You can drop off as many items as you’d like! We’ll take a look at them as soon as we get a chance, and donate whatever is unacceptable for resale. Please keep in mind that with our current policy we no longer go through consignors items on the spot once dropped off. If you want your items to be looked at on the spot, and have anything returned to you that we cannot accept, you would need to schedule an appointment. With appointments, we have a 25 item maximum. 

Do you send checks?

Yes, checks are able to be issued. This will not be done automatically however, a check request must be put in with our staff. When requesting a check, make sure your address is up to date in our system. Our staff will normally double check. 

Where do I drop off?

We offer a one stop drop off spot in our home decor and furniture store. All drop offs, both home items and clothing, will be accepted in this location. All drop offs must be brought into the front of the store, no drop offs will be accepted if brought to the back of our store. 

Where do I pick up my money?

All cash payouts are done in our home store, first store in the plaza.

How do I go about consigning furniture? Small home goods?

For any big home goods items (couches, tables, dressers etc.), you must send in a picture to our email: backontheracks@yahoo.com, for approval to be brought into the store. For smaller home goods items you’re able to bring in a maximum of 15 items to be looked through on the spot with an appointment, or as many as you’d like with the drop and go method.

Do you guys offer pick up?

We do offer pick up for furniture items only. We do not pick up clothing from homes. Clothing must be brought into the store yourself. Furniture pickups are offered on Tuesdays only, and come with a pickup fee dependent upon your location. 

What is the consignment period?

Our consignment period is 45 days. All items will have a minimum time of 45 days on the floor to be sold, after which the items will become eligible for donation. 

What is the pay cut?

The consignor receives 40% of the selling price of their items. 

What items do you not accept on consignment?

We are a women, men, children, and home goods consignment store. We do not accept:

Clothing Home goods
  • Men’s button ups
  • Real Fur
  • Children’s clothing over size 8
  • Anything that is stained, tarnished, overly worn, or anything with an odor. 
  • Evening wear and formal wear. This includes business suits, dress pants, gowns, button-up shirts, and wedding attire. 
  • Any styles that have not been purchased within the last two years. 
  • Scarves, gloves, hats, glasses, and non name brand sunglasses.
  • Vintage items
  • Lingerie & bathing suits
  • Plain, solid color shirts and camisoles 
  • Children’s used toys or play items
  • **Bottoms are generally not a good seller, and our staff tends to be very picky on accepting them 
  • Dishes, glasses, or serving sets/place settings
  • No brass or silver items
  • Cooking ware, silverware, hardware, glassware, stemware or china
  • Items smaller than your hand
  • Linens and fabrics
  • Electronics, appliances, instruments, sporting goods
  • Toys/dolls
  • Unframed art
  • Out of season items
  • Anything in poor condition
  • Sofa-beds, armories, entertainment units, china cabinets
  • Black lacquer/formica furniture
  • Dated decor
  • Lamps without shades
  • Tables without chairs

Do you offer cash on the spot for items?

No, we are strictly consignment where the consignor would receive cash once an item has sold within our stores. 

Can I get an estimated resale price of my items during drop off?

No, we look through hundreds of consignors a day, and the price of your items will depend on the style, condition, and brand of the item. However, feel free to call us in a week for the prices of your items.

Can I receive a drop-off receipt of what I left the day of?

We recommend the consignor to keep track of the items they bring in, and to call us within the next few days to see what items have been approved and put out on the floor.