Our Story


As a kid growing up my mom would take us to this consignment store called the Attic. I’d love shopping there and finding great stuff at bargain prices! This way of shopping would always stick with me. I’d often take trips to find new consignment stores in different towns and states. Always thinking about how one day I would open my own consignment store.

So that day finally came in 2009, many years later when I was going through some changes in employment, had a few bucks saved up and I thought it’s time to roll the dice! I was also thinking about what a past employer had told me, that just stuck in my head…..”the secret to success is a lot of hard work, Timing and Luck!” I’ve got this!

Back on the Racks opened in March of 2009 in a single store front that I still occupy but now we have 3 stores in the 1 plaza.   I’m always looking forward to see what the next thing we need to do at the stores. When I first opened we just accepted in women’s items and now we’ve expanded into Furniture, home décor, childrens and mens! Yes mens! Something I just never thought we’d do but our customers ask us to and we did it!

Something else that is very important to me is that the stores are clean, organized and filled with current inventory. I want our customers to feel comfortable shopping with us and for Back on the Racks to be the place that everyone can afford to find something that makes them smile!  

Come by and say Hello!


1121 Rt.35 Ocean Township NJ 07712
(732) 272-1416